QTS and Induction Certificates

QTS and Induction certificates may be obtained by individual teachers through the Teaching Regulation Agency Teacher Self Service website by clicking here.

This website allows teachers to:

  • view their teacher record
  • obtain QTS and induction certificates
  • update their personal details
  • download and print a letter confirming their teacher qualifications
  • input employment details.

To log in to the website you will need your:

  • teacher reference number (TRN)*
  • surname
  • forename
  • date of birth
  • UK National Insurance Number

*Please note that when entering the TRN, seven numeric digits only must be entered. The TRN should not contain any slashes or letters. For example, the TRN RP 83/12345 would be entered as 8312345.

When logged into the website your Induction Certificate should be available for you to download from the right hand-side of the screen as a blue hyperlink that states, "Request your Induction certificate".

Please note that it can take some time to update an individual’s record following an update from STSA to the Teaching Regulation Agency to confirm that an NQT has completed their Induction period.

If you have any queries about your record, or have difficulty accessing the service please contact the Teaching Regulation Agency:

Contact details for the Teaching Regulation Agency:

Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA)
Teacher Qualification Unit
Ground Floor South, Cheylesmore House, 5 Quinton Rd,
Coventry, CV1 2WT
0207 593 5394

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