Evidence-Informed Practice: Early Career Teacher Programme (RQT)

We are pleased to be working with UCL Institute of Education to offer an “Early Career Teacher Programme” to recognise the continuing development needs of teachers in their second, third or fourth year of teaching. It augments particiants’ evidence-informed practice and, for those who wish to follow that path, prepares them for leadership roles.

The Programme

Participants will work on select 5 themes to be in turn across the year. The IOE will prepare and share insights from research in relation to these themes and participants will then plan learning together – arising from the research but grounded in their own classrooms – and will decide how they will collect evidence of impact. Each subsequent session will start with a ‘knowledge transfer’, where the teachers report back on the impact they found.

Early Careers Programme Overview

Programme Expectations

Participants must commit to attending each of the six sessions, each of which will last 3 hours and take place each half term.
Everyone engaged in the programme will learn appropriate ways of accessing research for their classroom, and methods of gathering evidence on their own practice.


Those Early Career Teachers who fully commit to the programme will:

  • Gain new insights from research into areas of pedagogy pertinent to their own career stage
  • Become better evidence-informed in their own practice
  • Learn how to collect both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ data on changes to pupils’ learning
  • Be supported in their development by the IOE and STSA
  • Develop their skills of reflection, essential to their development as teachers and leaders of learning.

The cost of the programme will be £295 per participant. For more details, including dates and how to register see here.

For Further Information Contact:

Janet Roberts
STSA Teaching School Director (CPD & School Support)
Langley Grammar School
Reddington Drive, Langley, Berkshire SL3 7QS
01753 598300 ex 8368