Primary Networks

There are a number of networks across Slough which link together staff working in primary schools. Some networks, eg those for safeguarding leads or SENDCos, are open to staff from both primary and secondary phases.

Networks may led by Local Authority officers, consultants, SLEs or by other experienced practitioners in schools.

Network Lead Contact
Designated Safeguarding Leads
(Primary and secondary)
Jatinder Matharu, Slough Borough Council
Education Safeguarding Officer
(Primary and secondary)
Deborah Bowers, Slough Borough Council
SEND Standards and Effectiveness Officer
Slough Schools Sports Network
(Primary and secondary)
Laura Brookstein
SSSN Network Manager
Primary English Network
(Primary English leads and other interested primary teachers)
Jessica Theisinger
Specialist Leader of Education
Primary Maths Network
(Primary Maths lead)
Isaac Howarth
Specialist Leader of Education
Slough Music Service
(Primary and secondary)
Glynis Murphy
PSHE Network
(Primary PSHE lead)
Susan Dyer
School Health & Wellbeing Project Officer